The hardest thing

Probably the hardest thing to deal with in life is endings.

The ending of a relationship you thought would last forever is probably second only to death.

A relationship that has lasted (in one form or another) for half of your life? 

How do you move on after that? 

You cry, you grieve, you tell yourself that you’re better off. Then something reminds you and you fall apart all over again.

That’s what I’ve been going through since the Sunday after Thanksgiving.  When Daddy decided he didn’t want me after all.

The other person in our triad took every opportunity to twist my words & actions. Turning into Iago and turning me into a villain.  

I’m not trying to paint myself as the innocent victim. But my sins were mostly committed a lifetime ago, by a person I no longer am.

It all goes to prove that you can never right the sins of the past. You can forgive, but some things, you can’t forget.

And the past…will usually bite you in the ass when you least expect it.


3 thoughts on “The hardest thing

  1. I’m sorry!! Such a difficult time. When my first marriage dissolved I had been with that person for nearly half my life. It was a rough time for a couple of years, but in the end I am in a much better place. I pray for that for you too!


    1. Thanks Michael.
      It’s been a rough couple of weeks to be sure. Every time I think I’m fine, something reminds me of HIM.

      I’m working on moving on, trying to anyways.

      And who knows, we’ve been down this road before, maybe one day…

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