New Year. New Me?

Last year was full of ups, downs & total clusterfucks.

Music has been my constant.  For every mood there’s a song. Even when I can’t put my feels into words, somebody can.

I haven’t been around much this last month or so. After my relationships broke up,  I fell into a deep black hole. 

I crawled into my head & blamed myself. I got drunk, I screamed & I decided to “show him”.

Somewhere in all that I did something good for me.

I know it sounds crazy, but the best thing I did was change my profile on Fetlife & post an ad.

Yes, I’m wading through the requisite assholes & pervy guys. But there ARE some nice ones too.

I’m not giving up just because of one rotten relationship. 

5 thoughts on “New Year. New Me?

  1. I met my ex-wife online almost 15 years ago.

    This is the first time I’ve looked for someone without giving up pieces of myself to make them happy.

    I might be submissive but I’m not going to be a doormat anymore.


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